Yonex FL Ladies EZONE SD Hybrids

Yonex EZONE SD FL Ladies Hybrids 2013 The 2013 Yonex EZONE SD FL Ladies Hybrids are designed for straighter shots, greater distance and more consistency. Core Centre of Gravity Technology, developed by the Japanese, called EZONE SD, is micro-adjusted to achieve unprecedented expansion of the sweet spot to cover more of the club face and make the 2013 Yonex EZONE SD Fairway Wood more forgiving. Straighter drives and superior distance and achieved thanks to this technology. The 2013 Yonex EZONE SD FL Ladies Hybrids allow a more consistent strike thanks to an integral inner weight within the rear of the club head deepens the centre of gravity for a greater launch angle. A new sole construction with 30% less area compared with conventional YONEX clubs, so less comes in contact with the ground during your swing, so you get an uninterrupted acceleration through the contact area and therefore head speed is maintained. The NANOSPEED 200 shaft incorporates Elastic Ti and YONEX renowned experience in Carbon Graphite. Body & Face Construction: SUS630 Stainless Steel Precision Casting Crown Construction: High Intensity Carbon Shaft Construction: NANOSPEED 200 Grip: Original Rubber Grip

£ 59.00