Hillman Lithium 100Ah Li-Ion Golf Buggy Battery Kit

Hillman Lithium batteries are an excellent and affordable upgrade for most golf buggy's, they are supplied with a specialised charger and a lead to connect to the buggy controller. These high-quality battery packs are supplied in a rugged shockproof metal casing that will keep the sophisticated internal electronics safe for many years. The power connection is integrated, and the dual function display shows the Voltage and Capacity with an easy to operate push button. The casing has an integrated charging port fitted you can charge the battery anywhere, transporting the battery is a breeze as incredibly the weight has been kept under 10kg there are also two thick handles that store flat and are easy to grab even with gloves on. The 100Ah battery will amazingly last over 54 holes depending on terrain and conditions. Hillman Lithium batteries have been designed to be as easy as possible to fit, remove and charge off the buggy. The amazing weight savings of having a single 24V Lithium batt

£ 769.95