TaylorMade 2021 Spider FCG Short Slant Rh 34

Product Description LOOKS LIKE A MALLET, FEELS LIKE A BLADE...FORGIVES LIKE A SPIDERThis intelligently designed high-MOI mallet is built for golfers who have an arced putting stroke. Forward CG placement lets the toe release freely like a blade, while the mallet shape and perimeter weighting help maintain the signature Spider family forgiveness. PUSHING CG TO THE FOREFRONTEngineers front-loaded the Spider FCG, positioning two-thirds of the total weight in the front portion of the head. This design optimizes the benefits of a high-MOI mallet for golfers who have an arced stroke and prefer moderate to significant face rotation. A TRUE PATH TO BETTER PUTTINGBuilding on the optically engineered alignment feature that powered Spider X, the T-Sightline True Path combines front edge alignment with a vertical line for precision aim. CU29 COPPER PURE ROLLCan you find copper on the periodic table? Heres a hint, just look for number 29. The Aged Copper Pure Roll insert is crafted from pure copper, and its 25g weight adds to the performance features of forward CG. It creates a firmer feel at impact that many players prefer. A FAMILIAR FEELThis putter is designed to produce a blade-like feel. The combination of forward CG and Pure Roll technology promote a lower launch and encourage more topspin helping the ball start and stay on its intended line. CHOOSE THE HOSEL TO MATCH YOUR STROKESpider FCG is available in three different hosel types, each meant for a different style of putting stroke. SHORT SLANT 46° of toe hang to fit golfers with a significant amount of face rotation. L-NECK 25° of toe hang for golfers with moderate face rotation. SINGLE BEND the most face balanced of the three better aligning with golfers who have minimal rotation in the putting stroke.

£ 269.00